Business Office

Through prudent management of District resources, the Business Office seeks to support the educational mission of the District. The Business Office is responsible for the oversight of the District's $17 million annual operating budget.

The Business Office functions are:

- Payroll/Human Resources                     - Risk Control/Insurance
- Accounts Payable/Purchasing               - Student Transportation
- Employee Benefit Management           - District Technology Management
- Cash Management                                 - Buildings and Grounds
- State and Federal Grant Funding         - Food Service
- Mandatory Financial Reporting            - Registration and Residency Management

Eric T. Diehl, CSBO

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations


"Learning and growing together"



  • Emergency Days, if needed

    Steger School District 194
  • Emergency Days, if needed

    Steger School District 194
  • Board of Education Meeting

    6:00 p.m. Board of Education Meeting

    Steger School District 194
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